Sunday, July 15, 2018

What to do with projects

It seems over the last year or so my creative juices haven't been flowing as easily as work and home duties take over.  I still visit my Bloglovin and check out my fave bloggers I follow as well as Intstagram and drool over the colourful projects that everyone seems to be making. It almost seems like I have to make a schedule and make an appointment to work on my crochet projects.

I just pulled out some from one of my bins of projects started, half finished, frogged etc. 

I unattached all my African Flowers, still needing to find out how to make them into a square or a better way to join them.  Any suggestions or links to how I can do this?

The gum ball squares still in progress. 

I seem to get bored easily of one project then move on to another. 

We got the kitties a new cat tree yesterday.  Seems just after a new kitty comes to our house we get a new tree.  The last one was 2 years ago.  And they sure get their use of them.

We've been taking our girl outside a bit.  She loves to look around at the birds and bunnies that visit the back yard and sniffs the air.  

Happy weekend all!!