Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Vacation

It's always nice being on vacation and no real plans.  You can just sleep in play it by the weather of course, get things done around the house.  Random things you don't take the time for during your regular work week.  

I've been working on these gum ball squares a bit lately.  I also got the time to try the corner to corner crochet method that everyone seems to have a bug for.  I especially loved The Patchwork Heart's gingham blankets with this method and tried out her tutorial.  I decided on these colors.

Hubby was itching to get some cupboards to properly store all my "Junk" as he calls it, 
more my crafting and random stuff.  With the time off he was able to put these together in a day, be it a long day and I to fill them.  Even in an unfinished basement they do look better than the 
mismatched cabinets I had. 

With a few crochet swag and string of stars and my puzzles hanging it make
it a bit more homey.  #makethemostwithwhatyouhave

A few years back my aunt gave me a blanket project started with the yarn. I had put
it aside for awhile. Picked it back up and finished the yarn she gave me with it.
However, it wasn't long or wide enough yet.  It was the width that could cover a 
queen sized bed but I knew I wouldn't get the yarn a finish that out. I did find a few 
small skeins of the yarn to at least add some more width. 

It's just enough now to cover up laying on the couch. 

We've had a cat coming around the back yard for a month or so now and have been
putting some food and water out for him.  He came around more frequent and one night
after a BBQ he came closer and I was trying to coax him and talk to him. He seems 
friendly as he was rolling around on the ground. Another orange tabby.
The next night, on a Monday, he came to the bottom step of the porch where I put the 
food and was talking to him. I crept down to the bottom step and put my hand out. 
Eventually he came and let me pet him, he had a collar on with no tag. Later as it got dark 
I coaxed him into a carrier with wet cat food.  He freaked out a bit but he needed to be
caught and get help.  Hubby brought him to Humane Society. They keep them for 3 day
and posted in Lost and Found.  He told them we'd like to adopt him after if he's not
claimed. So on Wednesday, International Cat Day, we went back to see him now that
he was out for adoption.  Sammy we called him. He has a cold however as some of 
the kittens in there have colds too.  He will be on antibiotics there for 10 days. 
Hopefully he'll get better before bringing him home with our other cats.

At least he is neutered now and is being fed, he's still a bit skinny. 
Fingers crossed he'll get along with our other orange boys and girl.

Now that these two get along so well I'd hate to mess that up.
My princess turned 8 recently.