Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fall is Here

Happy Fall. I decorated my railing with my fall garland and crocheted leaves which I've 
crocheted a few more to the collection.

I managed to add a few more rows of squares to this project. Slowly but surely, projects get done. Mostly based on timing and mood.  

Like this project starburst blanket below.  I am finishing it for a donation auction to raise 
money for my aunt's granddaughters robotics team. I am almost finished the last skein
of the Caron Cake. Looking back on pictures I believe I started it around March of 2017.

It's not easy with my new addition as he loves yarn, constantly pouncing on it
as I am trying to crochet.

I've manged a few pictures of all my fur babies together, this one being when I make
a lunch meat sandwich for hubby and they all want some.

And I love this one.

I recently go a new bed as it's been long overdue. A bit more firmness and soft top.

After getting my bed I saw this and it's completely applicable.

Finally Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for us.
Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and hubby and I will have our dinner today.