Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hello September

Oh how fast summer has gone by.  Soon cooler weather will be here and the desire to crochet more kicks in, well at least for me.  I've gotten the rows of squares on my corner 2 corner project.  Slowly but surely.  It never helps progress when shoulder pain kicks in and dampens production. 

I've also started a charity blanket for local donation, when it gets finished is another story.

It's been busy in our house with the addition to the stray we had brought to humane society.
No one claimed him so we went back to adopt him.  He was neutered but ended up with
a bit of a cold from being there.  They were at full capacity with many kittens sick. 
He's over it now and is setting in his new home.  Sammy is so laid back cat. Just 
wants love, food and to be pet.  He's getting along with my others.  

My girl seems thrilled here but she doesn't care. She just wants to eat, sleep and be left alone
mostly.  She does have her moments of wanting to play with them.

I had to share this from The Little Bee on Instagram.

On my bike ride the other night I got to see a family of deer. 
Too bad they don't have many places to go in the city.

Happy Labor Day weekend all!!!