Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mia from Crochet

Crochet is my first love, knitting would be next but I am really enjoying sewing crafts.
So many things you can make for your home, self and pets. 
I've been dealing with some tendinitis so crochet is most challenging 
as it cause more pain. Sewing hasn't been too bad on the tendinitis.

I've made a number of small projects in sewing lately. And I did start a 
small crochet blanket for the cats off of Attic24 trellis stripe pattern.

I got the cats the Ikea Doll bed and of course I had to make a little pad for it from
stashed cat fabric I had on hand.

I got some of the diamond paper pieces for this new #EPP project.

A few new fabrics.

Some more progress on this hexie paper piecing project.

And I finally got all the fabric and the pattern I bought from @isewstuff on Instagram to make a basket liner for my lovely bike.  I'm nearly done. I just have to do the top that wraps over the basket.
Now I can debut on the first bike ride of the season in pretty style.  I do think these
fabrics go well with my bike. 

And so far the cats do enjoy laying on their new bed. 

I love going to Michaels craft store this time of year for the lovely spring displays.

Happy weekend all!


KC Cote said...

Such sweet cats! Beautiful projects 😊