Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring is in the air

Slowly but surely my aches and pains have been alleviating a bit enough to work on 
some crochet.  I pulled out this #c2c corner to corner project started a while ago.
I did manage to finish another row. 

Another birthday came and went, getting closer and closer to the 50 mark. 
It still amazes me that I'm in my 40's now being quite young at heart still
or as hubby calls me a big kid.  That's ok, it's better to be that way in my opinion.
We had the day off and I found a quilt shop in our area so I had to check it out.

I restrained myself and only bought what I needed at the time, some quilting interfacing.

I am making a small quilt for hanging from a panel I had gotten a while back.  It's pinned 
and ready to baste then quilt.

I finished my bike basket liner and managed my first right of the year this week. 
We've had a few days with near 60 degree weather.  It seems the cold winter air has 
lingered too long this  year.

I made some sewn eggs for Easter.  

I made this little patchwork pouch for my Etsy shop.  

I subscribed to this sew sampler box from @fatquartershop on Instagram. 
I made the pouch from the Moda fabric that came in this box.

It contained roll of moda fabric, silicon iron pad, some great scissors, 
spool huggers and some patterns. 

Well happy Sunday!