Saturday, July 13, 2019

Enduring Crochet Love

I've added a few more rows of squares to this blanket project started a while back.
Despite ongoing tendinitis in left shoulder and tennis elbow in the right I've
gotten some crochet time in this week that has been greatly missed. 
Has any injury prevented you from doing your favorite hobby? If so, please
leave a comment on how you endured and dealt with it. 
I bought the skeins of colors on sale at Michael's for  $1 each and am 
determined to make squares until I run out of the colors.

I made a few pet bandana's as well. They're super easy to make.

My boys chillin.

My girl loves to sit on back porch with us and watch the birds.

My buddy chillin.

And the garden is growing nicely.  

Cukes and beans growing well.

As long as these little visitors stay out of the garden.

Happy weekend all!!


Kate said...

I love the blanket--a nice choice of colors. And, of course, the pictures of your wonderful moggies are a gift.

I have been really bummed about the pain in my hands and elbows--just old age osteoarthritis, apparently. I've been experimenting with shorter sessions of hand work, and holding hands and thread a little differently than usual, which helps a bit. There are a surprising number of ways you can shift around your fingers and elbows to avoid the strain for at least a little while.

But I have definitely been reluctant to start projects that appeal to me, knowing they will take quite a while to work through. Maybe I should learn some patience, and remember that the process is as valuable as the product? Because I know the creative process is a major comfort in these difficult times.

And, I have to admit that I asked my doctor about alternatives to taking a lot of ibuprofen (which does help) and got a prescription for a topical gel to put on my hands and have not yet done it! Well, the instructions sound like the cure is worse than the pain--apply 4 times a day with a special applicator, wait some time for it to dry, use no lotion or creams on your hands afterwards, stay out of the sun, etc. As I say this, I realize I'm being a big baby, and thank you for reminding me that I'd better start that regimen tomorrow, and it might help!