Sunday, April 26, 2020

Endless Crafting

It's been nice having so much extra time to work on crafty projects without the distractions 
of usual hectic life.  I have completed my Dahlia blanket rows and now working on the
border.  I am so happy with it! It took me about 3 months working on it usually watching
TV most evenings and weekends.  

I completed my rainbow of hope and is now hanging in my front window.

I tried another mask pattern from Craft Passion, more form fitting. I didn't use the 
cord or show lace tie as she shows.  I modified mine a bit to use elastic around ears.

I bought Helen Philips patchwork bird pattern a while back and finally made
one for myself.  I'm sure I'll make more. 

I tried another paint party as I wanted to try this owl.  I'm not in love with the
background as the original artist's was more suttle.

I am almost done my latchwork mini rug.  I haven't done one of these since
I was a kid.  When I first got it I was a bit put off by how close some of the
yarn colors are but once I separated them and followed the chart it was easier
to follow.  

How are you doing with this new life?  Keeping busy?  Appreciating the small 
things more?  I am.  It's amazing how we used to just go out and waste time 
shopping for things we don't need.  Now it's online if you need to but you 
realize how much you can live without.  

Happy Sunday, Keep Calm and Craft On!