Sunday, April 5, 2020

Still Keeping Calm?

Another week gone by staying home and another birthday has come and gone.  
Needless to say it wasn't much celebration as it's just another year older. 
I've been working from home but now on staycation for a week. 

I've been inspired by all the posts of various crafters rainbows of hope.  
Mine is still a work in progress as I am still making the clouds and assembly
to hang in the window. 

We'll get through this!

I'm still working on the Dahlia blanket.  I have two more colors to add 
before starting the border. 

On my birthday I tried something new.   Painting.  I have been wanting to try
to paint something for a while now.  Locally there is an artist that turned
to online paint parties since people cannot gather together at the moment.

 It was a nice change to try something new and forget about all that is going on.
I see how you can get lost in imagination and thoughts while painting.
Not perfect techniques but I am still quite proud of my first attempt.

And another project I had been wanting to make, well again, it another ultimate
wallet.  I made one last year but the zipper started coming undone.  I thought trying
a nice cork fabric for the outer would be nice.  It's tricky to work with as I started making
the flap of cork but realized it's too stiff to be folding frequently. 

It took most of the day yesterday to prepare and complete. I'm happy with the results 
and tried to reinforce the zip a bit more for this one.

I've also made some masks.  My cousin is a nurse and gave her some.  

Stay safe everyone!  Crafter's always find something to do while stuck at home!