Saturday, June 13, 2020

Staycation projects

When I saw this motif on Atty's Instagram I had to try it.  It's just a happy looking 
hexagon motif shape.  I'm using up some of my left over Dahlia yarn from Wool 

Since lockdown began I've seen more painting artist's do live paint party's on 
Facebook.   I've joined a few now or watched them after to do the painting.
I've found painting has tapped into a new creative side.  I've been thoroughly 
enjoying it and learning new techniques as I find more instructional videos
online.  Here are some I've done over the last few weeks.

Hubby asked if I was giving up crochet since I've been painting more. I said
never, crochet is my first love.

This one was done by smearing using tin foil and q-tips.

I have been working at home since lockdown and just had a second vacation week.
Staycation but that's ok.  I have gotten more crafty projects done, enjoyed the outdoors 
and biking riding.

Our garden veg have been growing quite well.  The pandemic has changed how people
view food I believe and found that seed packets were selling out quickly this year.
Hubby started all the veg from seed.

We have been on a few drives around our county.  It's been nice enjoying nature and
parks.  Here's some pics from a local area park with it's blooming trees and hosta 
garden area.

Hope everyone is well and staying safe!