Saturday, August 1, 2020

New passion

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. This year has definately been
interesting.  I've embrassed my home time, outside of working from home 
with a new hobby, painting.  I started painting with acrylic paints and I do
enjoy paintings achieved with acrylics but have found my main interest
with painting in watercolor. It's versatile and can achieve different effects and
looks of images.  I found great ideas, tutorials etc on Instagram, You Tube and
learning sites as Creativebug, Skillshare, and Patreon and Facebook Live events.
Here are some acrylic paintings I've done in the last month or so.


Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Evening sunset

Had to do one of my bicycle.


Couple walking scenery using smearing and tin foil.

And for some watercolor paintings.

Peony flower

Ocean scenery

Practicing wet on wet with wheat field.




Wild flowers in mason jar.

Mini scenery

From a Facebook event.
And painted a rock for Canada Day.

Crochet, knitting and sewing will always be crafts I enjoy and will continue to do.
I get on kicks of certain activities and go with them for a while.  Of course when 
cooler weather hits I'm always prone to getting out the yarn. 

Hubby has been diving into full on learning to grow vegetables and 
complementary flowers for polination. We watch You Tube videos of 
different gardeners as well on learning new growing techniques.  
Just some pics of what we are growing.

We've already been enjoying cucumbers, green beans and spinach.