Monday, May 21, 2012

Slow progress

It feels like I've slowed down in my crafting creations.  But maybe that's just me.  Once taking my pictures of the things I've been working on maybe not.  It's Victoria Day here in Canada and it's wonderful to have the day off.  Happy B-day Queen Victoria.

So I made a few more of the granny squares in my new favourite colour scheme. I guess I will keep making them until I get enough for a small throw.  But my box 'o grannies is getting full.

The ripple blanket has been growing as well. With warmer weather coming, it's hard to have it on your lap crocheting on without getting a bit hot.

Remember my African Flowers Bag?  I made the handles for it.  I haven't attached them yet.  I'm still deciding on sewing a liner for it or not.  I'm not a highly skilled sewer and with it having a round bottom and tube style shape, it may be a bit tricksy for me to sew that on the machine.  Attaching a liner would be easier with the handles off I imagine.  I also still have to make the drawstring cord for it next.
And for the shawl, I think I'll be stopping where I am at and finish up with the edging.  I thought I'd use the two full skeins I have but it might end up a bit heavy and too ripple wavy edge.  This may be a gift for a friend of mine.  
Even the cat likes it.

Well I'm off to enjoy the day.