Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Colours

I've made some progress on that scarf from last post.  I'm really loving the pattern, feel of the yarn and the colours.  

And today at lunch I went for a drive to enjoy the colours of fall and managed to get a few pics of some gorgeous coloured trees. 

I shared this on Instagram today.  A picture of my Starbucks coffee mug.  My honey said it was ugly and may find it missing one day.  So I took it to work.  Then when having my late morning java, with the stress and scatterbrained head I reached for something and knocked the mug over.  Coffee all over my pants, and into my keyboard.  Lovely, now my desk smells like coffee. As you can see the bottoms is a bit too tapered.  May have to rethink the mug.

And finally, to share a strange experience this morning.  As I am leaving for work I went to the road side to pick up the recycle bins to bring them to the house.  I glanced up to see the neighbours blinds open, of which they never usually are; we live in attached units, and see the neighbours boyfriends standing in the window buck naked.  Mind you it was a quick glance and it seemed like it was on purpose to freak me out or something.  I pretended I didn't seem him.  
But, what a way to start the day.


Tammy said...

Ha-ha! Now, that would be a mighty shocking way to start the day. Your scarf is lovely and I love all the colors of Fall, something we don't get here in the desert. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Natas Nest said...

What a desaster with this nice mug :-(. But the neighbour story is funny, and I really like that scarf :-))

becktovintage said...

Ooo Ooo May I want a cup of coffee please.. You know I can die for a cup of coffee. I like your mug so so much. And all your autumn pictures they are so beautiful expecially yellow trees are amazing. Amd Of course you scarf seems so warm and fashionable..:))
Happy weekend and happy days..:))

Carissa said...

Hahaha what a thing to see! You could use that cup to make a candle in it! Then you can still enjoy it without worrying it will dump!