Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Tally's

Just a few of my many projects on the go.  A row a day if possible. 

New crochet stitch, Angel Stitch, I found a tutorial on You Tube along with my new nails. 

And a new yarn my co-worker has been raving about.  Bernat's Premium yarn. So far we can only find here at Walmart.  It is much nicer and softer to work with than the Super Saver.

And just a few miscellaneous pics.  My cat, love to dress him up.

He's especially cute when he's cuddled up in the bed.

And we got a new microwave stand. Whoohoo. I had my grandpa's old one from probably the early '90's, you know that brown chip board.  This I think is much better and brighten's up the kitchen.  We also treated the cats to a watering fountain, on lower right of picture.  I think they like it.

And finally, I was visiting my aunt and we were going through old pictures and I had to take a picture of this one. My mimi & pipi's wedding photo.  I showed a co-worker today and she said, gee that looks like my grandparents wedding photo.  I guess that was the style back then.

Well, happy hump day tomorrow!