Sunday, March 22, 2020

Keep Calm and Crochet On

The world has changed greatly in the past few weeks. Although it's been 
longer in Asia.  Just over a week ago there was talk of social distancing and now
it's become the norm.  As this hit my hubby's back went out in a bad way and the last 
place we wanted to go was the hospital but his pain was unbearable to not go.  
We went first thing last  Friday morning and the ER was eerily quiet.  Eight hours later 
we went homewith a script for  pain and mucle relaxing relief.  It's been an emotional 
week needlessto say but thankful in other respects as so many families are suffering such
 loss from this virus. I started working from home halfway through this past week as have 
many others.  I have managed to work on my blanket when not working, helping hubby
 and doing all the chores. 

I started part five of the Dahlia Blanket.  Slowly but surely it's been a joy to watch it grow
 and stay cozy at the same time.  What have you been doing to keep occupied. 

You may have seen this picture circulating.  

I want to try and make some masks this week.  Anyone else going to try and 
make them?